Organizational Commitment Research Papers

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Finally, one of the main considerations is the findings that revealed variables other than those adopted in the study, which influence the permanence of the respondents.

Among the limitations of the research a single case study is highlighted that replicates the experience in other ICT companies to verify if the results found are similar in other organizations and in other segments.

There are various reasons why an employee leaves the organization or has the intention to leave (Gaylard , 2015).

After a literature collection, two constructs were chosen usually mentioned as influencers of this decision or intention to leave the organization, which were “job satisfaction” and “organizational commitment” (Tett and Meyer, 1993; Gaertner, 1999; Mobley, 1992; Griffeth , 2010).

Moreover, they can be overworked by assuming activities of the employees who leave the organization.

In regard to consequences to society, according to Mobley (1992), the excessive turnover may increase the costs of production and result in a deficient productive capacity, due to the lack of trained people.Turnover is categorized into two types: involuntary and voluntary.When the loss of human resources is not provoked by the organization, it becomes essential to identify the reasons of turnover, because of the importance of retaining better talents.By performing multiple regression analysis, we identified that the variables that most impacted the turnover intention are affective commitment, satisfaction with salary and normative commitment.The qualitative portion of this study was accomplished through a content analysis of the open question of the form.Retaining professionals is a permanent challenge in an organizational environment that also remains as the most persistent challenge faced, especially by the information technology (IT) sector, with its particularities and shortage of labor in the Brazilian scenario (Joseph , 2013). C, real institute with fictional name, was chosen as the locus of this research.The comprehension of the factors which influence the voluntary exit or the intention of doing it might be quite valid to the enterprises which can direct their strategies and actions of human resources, aiming to keep the good professionals (Lee and Maurer, 1997; Medeiros , 2011). It is one of a few institutes of research and development of Technology of Information and Communication (TIC) that exists in Brazil.The change of enterprise reaches the individuals in all spheres of life, since we must have a full vision of the individual, not only under the professional perspective.The individuals who remain in the organization are also affected as many of them start to question their careers, feel the loss of the contact with job colleagues and do not even have the commitment and the satisfaction in job that leads to instability.Established in the 1990s by professionals of area, T. C is a civil, non-profit, private association which creates products, processes, services and enterprises using TIC.Based on the argument exposed here, the following question of research was formulated: The noun turnover is attributed to inflow and outflow of employees of an enterprise and it is considered one of the most important organizational phenomena, because it obligates the managers to be capacitated to analyze, comprehend and manage its consequences.


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