Opinion On Child Abuse Essay

When people think of child abuse, their first thought probably is of physical abuse — such as striking, kicking, or shaking a child.

Physical abuse can also include: Abusive head trauma, or shaken baby syndrome, is a specific form of physical abuse.

In addition to kids who are being abused, those who abuse (but are not the victims themselves — like siblings) sometimes show similar signs.

But just because a child is showing these signs, it doesn't necessarily point to abuse.

Multiple bruises or those that keep coming back, black eyes, and broken bones are certainly red flags, but other signs — like a child's emotional health — are also telling.

Here are some ways that kids who are being abused might react: Other kids might not act out in the typical ways, but will avoid going home after school or doing any activity that would cause them to spend time alone with the abuser.

Virtually anyone who has access to a child is in a position to mistreat the child. Sometimes, people who abuse kids can show some behavioral signs.

For example, parents who abuse their children may avoid other parents in the neighborhood, may not participate in school activities, and might be uncomfortable talking about their children's injuries or behavioral problems.

The truth is that child abusers come from all walks of life.

They can be parents, other family members, teachers, coaches, and family friends.


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