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His wife was French and did not understand why he needed the Parliament to help rule for him, so for 11 years of his rule he did not call Parliament at all.

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Whereas Puritans believe that churches should be plain so visitors concentrate on God, not decorations.

Catholics believe that churches should be heavily decorated to please God.

They first renamed it Christ-tide dispensing with the "mass" element in 1640 then sponsored a group of ministers to publish a Directory of Public Worship which Parliament adopted in 1645 holding Sunday as the only day and banning all other holy days… For example, if it was King James the I, then because the king committed treason against parliament.

Which led to the Civil War in England and the English Revolution, because of religious differences.

If the British Monarchy is a good thing, then Cromwell was a very bad man; if it was time for a change, then he was… i also think he was a good king :) by bethan dadson 13 years i think this is just my opion not everythink oliver cromwell did was god but some were Oliver Cromwell was not a king.

------------------ Cromwell started out as a farmer and after inheriting some money and converting to an extreme version of Puritanism he was elected as an MP. With his devout religion, military genius, and strong personality, Oliver Cromwell's supporters ousted King Charles I.

He refused to rule without constitutional authority and was eventually succeeded by Charles II. Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas he also banned make up and brightly coloured clothes.

Women had to wear black dresses from the neck to the toe, with a white apron wrapped around.

Catholics were oppressed by the English Protestant members.

He allowed a large amount of religious diversity, and was the first to exercise the principle of accountability of leaders to the people. The puritans in parliament wanted to concentrate on Sunday as the holy day and get away from other feasts especially those endorsed by the catholic church.


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