Offensive Line Blocking Assignments

The formation allows the offense to run a wide variety of plays to attack near any situation in football.The inside trap is a running play where the quarterback will take the snap, turn, and then hand the ball directly to a fullback.

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Most believe they can play on the defen­sive line or be a tight end, line­backer or fullback.

I have to chan­nel my inner Liam Neeson from Taken to get them to under­stand their role.

For starters, we’re not typ­i­cal­ly work­ing with the best ath­letes on the team.

We are sent kids who don’t real­ly have the skills to play any­where else.

Ideally, tack­les have the abil­i­ty to work in space.

Many times they are put in a one-on-one sit­u­a­tion and they must be able to han­dle this solo assign­ment. It is a unique unit with­in a team that the rest of the offense relies on in order to do their job.The offen­sive line must work togeth­er and trust each oth­er on each play of every prac­tice and game.If four do their job and one fails, dis­as­ter is immi­nent.Playing on the offen­sive line requires all five to work togeth­er and indi­vid­u­al­ly at the same time.Guards are my guys who can move but work bet­ter with some­one next to them.I have had ath­let­ic guards who could pull well and over­take the next down line­man on out­side zone, and I have also had guards who were larg­er peo­ple movers that smoth­ered their man.My cen­ter needs to be able to iden­ti­fy the defen­sive front and where the strength of the defense is, then com­mu­ni­cate this with the rest of the line.On top of that, they have to be able to snap and step quick­ly to their block­ing assignment. I need a cen­ter who will work to stay in front of his assign­ment and do every­thing he can to keep him from mak­ing a play.They must be able to set the edge and keep faster, more ath­let­ic defen­sive ends from get­ting into the back­field.Tackles must have vision to see who is lined up over them as well as those off the line out­side and away from them.


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