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Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath, two novels published concurrently by John Steinbeck, both depict camaraderie between dust bowl migrants.The main characters in Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie, form a bond, while struggling to reach... Some may have short-term goals, and others may have life-long ambitions.This is a trend seen among animals as the runt of a litter gets killed, eaten, or left behind, and is seen among humans as the mentally challenged or...

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Loneliness is debatably one of the most horrible feelings existent within society.

It strikes every living soul at one point or another, as it takes an immensely deep emotional toll.

A profound part of what contributes to the feeling of loneliness...

Daisy is a pivotal character in The Great Gatsby – Fitzgerald’s interpretation of an old money princess is oft regarded as one of the most selfish fictional characters to exist throughout literary history, perhaps the epitome of a ‘Femme Fatale’....

Lennie has been accused of assaulting a girl and that's why they had to leave town.

He merely wanted to From then on we are constantly reminded by George and Lennie, who is in charge of Lennie's actions.

A migrant worker who travels from farm to farm with his mentally impaired friend Lennie during the Depression.

The two dream of earning enough money to buy a small farm where Lennie can tend rabbits.

In his famous poem “Harlem,” Langston Hughes raises the question, “What happens to a dream deferred?

” (line 1), and goes on to offer several possibilities for the consequences of deferring one’s dreams—“Does it dry up / like a raisin in the sun? Throughout history, those who are not on level with those around them tend to be neglected.


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