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He joins in this regard, the believers who also advocate a strict adherence to Montaigne denounces our European grid biased reading our experience, our culture, our history, our habits: we believe that we do not know on the basis of our European criteria are, for Montaigne, at least, narrow.

We consider the behavior of wild with a Bible in hand!

He does not reject religion but away from the everyday; he wants the wise, gentle, respectful of human aspiration to happiness.

With Cannibals, he denounced the Christian dogmas, these claims that we can challenge or perish, as Giordano Bruno and many others …WHEN the King Pyrrhus passed in Italy, after he had recongneu the order of the army that the Romans fent him to the front; I know not, he says, what barbarians are those cy (for the Greeks and all appelloyent estrangeres Nations) but the layout of this army I voy, is by no means barbaric.

Besides, he submitted ESSAYS to the censorship of the Church.

But he was more Catholic by loyalty to his country than religious conviction. He just kept into faith and religion, what seemed right: charity, justice as social glue . He refused Christian asceticism: the renunciation of life, which pushed dolorism search the believer pain to imitate the passion of Christ, inviting him to postpone his life today be a living dead (an acète ) in the mad hope of tomorrow undead (in paradise).

Gone said the Greeks from that Flaminius did go to their country: Philippus and saw a mound, order and distribution of the Roman camp, his Kingdom under Publius Sulpicius Galba.

That’s how it must be kept from attaching to vulgar opinions, and be judged by voye of reason, not by the common voice.

He showed an approach The question arises Montaigne is deceptively simple: it is the wild the one it is?

The title of the essay seems to settle the question: it names the Indians « cannibals. Montaigne shows that the term « wild », including in our vocabulary, not necessarily a pejorative connotation in his example, wild fruit would even « superior » to the fruit grown, as it is created by nature, by our Creator is good by definition.


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