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A complete list of all projects carried out in Ph OD can be found in the Division Project Report. Oceanography (compound of the Greek words ὠκεανός meaning "ocean" and γράφω meaning "write"), also known as oceanology, is the study of the physical and biological aspects of the ocean.Hopefully you will find them helpful tools to “hook” students on learning about the ocean! Then, after struggling to survive those early days, they are rewarded by a very long life. In your classroom, follow the expedition to the Pitcairn Islands led by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala (who, incidentally, was named an Explorer-in-Residence at the same time as James Cameron was last June).

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Underwater volcanoes are unique and diverse ecosystems.

This is a great way to lead into teaching about hydrothermal vents and chemosynthesis. Many scientists wonder what causes gigantism in the deep sea.

Observations on tides were recorded by Aristotle and Strabo.

Early exploration of the oceans was primarily for cartography and mainly limited to its surfaces and of the animals that fishermen brought up in nets, though depth soundings by lead line were taken.

They will appreciate your efforts and reward you with their enthusiasm.

Ph OD research activities are geared towards studying the oceans and their role at different time and spatial scales in extreme weather events, and in ecosystems.

Paleoceanography studies the history of the oceans in the geologic past.

Humans first acquired knowledge of the waves and currents of the seas and oceans in pre-historic times.

Have those kids draw sea creatures, write poems, or do something else that illustrates where they would like to go to see the ocean, and why.

With a little planning and preparation, you can make the ocean come alive for your students!


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