Nursing Collaboration Essay

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For instance, with the introduction of an English test by the Nursing and Midwifery Council following Brexit, the number of EU nurses has reduced by 89% (Tapper, 2017).

Furthermore, the government has removed the nursing bursary, which in turn has led to a reduction in the number of nursing students, thus leading to nurse shortages (Adams, 2017).

Nurse leaders need to continually contribute to the development of other healthcare professionals, ensuring that they are educated and equipped with evidence-based knowledge in order to provide high quality care (Weberg et al, 2018).

Different leadership styles can be utilised to carry out this role, primarily the use of a transformational style.

Nurses must ensure they collaborate with other professionals within multidisciplinary teams, remaining accountable with sound clinical judgement and excellent communication skills (Joel, 2017).

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They must appreciate the expertise of other professionals and learn from their experience in order to care holistically for patients (Bogaert and Clarke, 2018).Within a hospital environment, they provide knowledge about illness and teach patients how to self-manage their conditions (Bastable, 2017).Emphasis and facilitation of self-care are vital components of nursing, especially as approximately 15 million individuals within England have one or more long-term condition (RCN, 2018).A transformational style encourages and motivates other staff members to improve the provision of care, without dictating information (Marshall, 2016).However, a more transactional leadership style is necessary in time-sensitive, critical situations (Stanley, 2016).Secure your academic success and place an order today or view our services.Nurses have a range of roles and responsibilities in order to provide society with the highest quality of care (Peate, 2016).The nurse has a role as a primary caregiver, adhering to succinct evidence-based practice in order to meet the holistic needs of every patient and their families through the use of clinical judgement and expertise (RCN, 2017).They show compassion and knowledge in order to provide direct care to patients within each setting or different environments (Masters, 2015).Furthermore, with the increasing concern of antimicrobial resistance, education and self-care are important, to ensure that antibiotics are taken correctly to uphold the health of society (RCN, 2018).Health education is a necessity and a key responsibility of nurses throughout the world (Bastable, 2017).


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