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It will also put me ahead of others as I have acquired skills and experiences that they may not have, such as writing a formal scientific report, giving a presentation and working in a research lab for several weeks." Learn more about Shannon's placement at JIC by reading her case study at: Kate Champion: "The enthusiasm of brilliant scientists who were passionate about their research was inspiring.The first-hand experience of working in a laboratory setting has convinced me to pursue a career in biochemical research instead of medicine." Learn more about Kate’s placement at the Babraham Institute by reading the case study at: Nuffield Research Placement students at the John Innes Centre have worked with researchers to help discover that red flowers and those with striped veins attract bees more regularly.

An extremely significant source of research support is the College's generous library provision.

The extensive collection of material in the Library is intended to meet the coursework and research needs of the College.

Students prepare a report, that may be a related to a visit to a site of biological interest, or a report of non-practical research into a biological issue.

The aim is for students to look at how biologists work in the 'real world'.

The assessment criteria for both the visit and issue report are identical.

Preparing students for the Edexcel visit/issue report: Nowgen video featuring Dr John Dunkerton who is Edexcel Chief Examiner, Dr Lisa Melton who is News Editor at Nature Biotechnology journal, and students who recently completed their visit issue reports.There are no marks associated with this part of the coursework.But the Unit 1 and 2 written papers contain questions that test a student’s understanding of How Science Works practical biology and investigative skills.The Nuffield Research Placements, supported by us via the RCUK, offer bursaries to first year advanced/higher post-16 science students, helping students to take part in projects in universities, industry, or research institutions during the summer holidays.The students work alongside practising scientists and contribute to projects in research and development.Researchers funded by BBSRC host a large number of Nuffield Research Placement students each year often leading to publications and entry into the National Science and Engineering competition.For full information about the scheme and all contact details, visit the Nuffield Research Placements section of the Nuffield Foundation website (see external links).It is laid out in a simple way so all that information can stay in your brain for the exam, and It had helped me achieve a grade A in Biology when I sat my exam in June.Unit 3: Practical Biology and Research Skills (6BIO3) is the AS coursework.The students compared the number of visits by bumblebees to various cultivars of the common snapdragon and the number of flowers visited per plant.Red flowers and those with venation patterning were visited significantly more frequently than white or pink. “Stripes provide a visual guide for pollinators, directing them to the central landing platform and the entrance to the flower where the nectar and pollen can be found,” said Professor Martin.


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