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Already he is charmed, almost smitten, by the place. Adrian steps off the main path, out of the way of the others charging up the hill. He wonders if he is witnessing an elaborate ercise, if perhaps the organizers are trying to show hundreds of young campers what it would be like to live in a war zone.

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The fuse has a burn time of slightly more than seven minutes.

She grabs her cameras from the reporter sitting in the passenger seat, tells him to park the car, and then runs toward the blast.

There are a few buildings—the main white building, the cafeteria, a cherry red schoolhouse, tiny green cabins—and a soccer pitch in a clearing, but most of Utoeya is forest and meadow.

A narrow path follows the edge of the island as it rises to cliffs on the western side, then back down to a rocky beach on the southern tip.

The building is known as H-Block, and it is part of the government complex in central Oslo.

It houses, among other agencies, the prime minister's offices on the top floors. He lights a fuse that is connected, in the back of the van, to a mixture of fertilizer, diesel, and aluminum that weighs slightly more than a ton.

It has been known for generations as Kjærlighetsstien, the Lovers' Trail.

On Utoeya, Gro will be visiting her granddaughter, who is in the AUF.

Rain falls, intermittent but hard, and Gro decides to cut short her visit. The picture is static and clumsily posed, like an amateur's snapshot, but Sara is pretty sure they have never before been photographed together in the national media.

Thirty-five minutes after Sara takes her horrible picture, a white Volkswagen panel van slips past a no-entry sign into a plaza below a seventeen-story high-rise.


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