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But, our consultants will shine you from the pool of applicants, bring out your uniqueness, and differentiate you from others.

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If you are selecting one leadership and one domain expertise experience in the essay – use them to show how you will contribute in the corresponding major.

Let us say your expertise in Marketing allowed an organization to raise over $200,000 in two weeks.

Cite how the domain expertise in marketing, specifically your outreach program will help the Marketing Club raise funds.

In the short-term, Kellogg MBA will enable career growth or career change, but you should also explain the long-term goal that is achievable with the Kellogg brand.

............"Kudos to the F1GMAT team for offering context on why the core curriculum, majors, pathways, global experiences, experiential learning and student clubs are relevant for a post-MBA career.

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I used a couple of the analysis for my Essay" - "The four leadership examples shared in the essay guide is a template that fit my experience.

We’ve had students, now at top colleges, write supplemental essays on topics including unicycling, robotics, drywall construction, feminist literature, squash, building playgrounds, working at a sandwich shop, baling hay, and Mexican baking.

Many students come to us feeling unsure of what unique aspect of their lives would best fit which supplemental essay prompt and we love working with applicants to unpack that answer layer by layer.

Harvard 5, Stanford 1, Columbia 28, Northwestern 32 (Kellogg 28 (GPA 3.1, GMAT 660)), U Penn 16 (Wharton 12), MIT 17, Duke 22, U of Michigan 25, Cornell 23, Berkeley 19, UCLA 22, NYU 28, Brown 3, Cambridge 33, Oxford 22, Princeton 2, U of Chicago 2, LSE 28, Imperial 34, LBS 17, INSEAD 9 (*Partial List Only).

Stanford (2), Harvard (4), U Penn (25), Wharton (14), Northwestern (29), Kellogg (26), MIT (15), Columbia (18), LBS (9), Oxford (10), Cambridge (19), Princeton (5), Cornell (22), LSE (24), Imperial (32), INSEAD (5), Brown (9)Stanford MBA (1, the ONLY admitted student from Thailand), Harvard MBA (2), Harvard Kennedy School (1), Wharton MBA (4), Kellogg MBA (9), MIT (2), U of Chicago (2), Columbia (2), LBS (3), Oxford (1), Cambridge (3), LSE (3) Undergrad: Stanford (1), MIT (1), Cornell (1) With our top MBA educated team, we give you strategies to become a winner in an application process.


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