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One woman describes her history with difficult fitting room experiences culminating in one catastrophe that will change the way she hopes to identify herself through clothes.La Marche examines her changing feelings about her own differently sized breasts.Didion describes the reasons she became a writer, her process, and her journey to doing what she loves professionally.

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In this famous essay, Orwell bemoans how politics have corrupted the English language by making it more vague, confusing, and boring.

The famously funny personal essay author, writes about a distinctly unfunny topic of tobacco addiction and his own journey as a smoker. Smith explores the difference between pleasure and joy by closely examining moments of both, including eating a delicious egg sandwich, taking drugs at a concert, and falling in love.

But there are great nonfiction essays available for free all over the Internet.

From contemporary to classic writers and personal essays to researched ones—here are 25 of my favorite nonfiction essays you can read today.

There are many moving and important essays by James Baldwin.

This one uses the lens of religion to explore the Black American experience and a blanket term for prose accounts of real people, places, objects, or events.This can serve as an umbrella encompassing everything from Creative Nonfiction and Literary Nonfiction to Advanced Composition, Expository Writing, and Journalism.Biss uses the story of a white woman giving birth to a Black baby that was mistakenly implanted during a fertility treatment to explore racial identities and segregation in society as a whole and in her own interracial family.A comprehensive deep dive into the world of high school football in a small West Texas town.With his signature footnotes, Wallace turns this experience into a deep exploration on what constitutes consciousness. White didn’t just write books like Charlotte’s Web and The Elements of Style. This nature essay explores the theme of fatherhood against the backdrop of a lake within the forests of Maine.Washuta looks at her own contemporary Native American identity through the lens of stereotypical depictions from 1990s films. The inventor of “new journalism” writes about the creation of an American idea by telling the story of Thomas Jefferson snubbing a European Ambassador.But she doesn’t know exactly what that inheritance is.Ford describes the experience of getting to know her father after he’s been in prison for almost all of her life.Also, reading nonfiction essays can help you learn more about different topics and experiences.Besides essays on Book Riot, I love looking for essays on The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Rumpus, and Electric Literature.


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    Nonfiction definition, the branch of literature comprising works of narrative prose dealing with or offering opinions or conjectures upon facts and reality, including biography, history, and the essay opposed to fiction and distinguished from poetry and drama.…

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    For writers and readers alike, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction. In general, fiction refers to plot, settings, and characters created from the imagination, while nonfiction refers to factual stories focused on actual events and people.…

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    If nonfiction is where you do your best writing or your best teaching of writing, don't be buffaloed into the idea that it's an inferior species. The only important distinction is between good writing and bad writing."…

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    Also, reading nonfiction essays can help you learn more about different topics and experiences. Besides essays on Book Riot, I love looking for essays on The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Rumpus, and Electric Literature. But there are great nonfiction essays available for free all over the Internet.…

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    Be timely. In a 900-word essay, there’s no time to build up to brilliance. Your beginning should grab readers by the throat. Start with an upcoming holiday, hot book, movie, TV show or cultural phenomenon on a similar topic.…

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