Newspaper Article On Mother Teresa

Newspaper Article On Mother Teresa-36
Critics of sainthood give the impression that the Church just signs off on this sort of thing without a second thought.

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Personally, I’ve always thought that life itself was miraculous.

God created the Earth and mankind, and the big and small marvels of everyday life point constantly back to him.

She was every bit a 21st century saint: a woman from a poor country, tortured by doubt, whose spirituality was focused on care for the disadvantaged.

Nowadays, the trolls would call her a Social Justice might read that there’s “controversy” surrounding Mother Teresa’s canonisation. There are people who will insist Nelson Mandela was a terrorist up to the end, that smoking is good for your nerves, or global warming is “God hugging us closer”.

The reporter took a bike taxi over to her home for the dying and spent two days with Mother Teresa.

She was dressed in the local sari, the homespun material common to average or poor Indian women.

The building, a former Hindu chapel, was divided into two parts, one for men and one for women. “I tried to stay out of the way, these people were crammed in there so tight.” “Under her outstanding care, some of those people recovered and got up and walked out,” he said.

Mc Gowan said he was “extremely impressed” with her work.

“They went around picking up dying people,” the reporter recounted.

“In those days there were not enough [hospital] beds in places like Calcutta.


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