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According to Singer, “The only way to justify giving something to educational institutions that are relatively well off is if they produce people and knowledge that will help solve the world’s problems.” This is one manifestation of Princeton’s role in the service of all nations that is worth every cent. When they find that next prey they are spellbound, burrowing their fang-rimmed faces into the leg of an unsuspecting hiker…

These cents won’t be going towards towering turrets and terrific tennis players, but rather towards increments of global consciousness. Despite my aversion to the leech, I am still planning on joining the Peace Corps. We moved all the time, to apartments of family members, a mattress on the floor of a store, and public housing.

Why help out another set of people without helping your own in America? I am still the first individual in my family born in America, and some of my relatives are convinced I only speak English. I do not instantly think of staying here to help “my home,” because I do not consider the United States my home. Castro will be attending Hamilton.) Brookline, Mass.

The Earth is “my home.” Every country, state, city and province on this Earth is a potential home to me. For me, the Peace Corps will provide that opportunity. Essay Written for Antioch College Ever since I took my first PSAT as a first-semester junior, I have received a constant flow of magazines, brochures, booklets, postcards, etc. Simultaneously, my email account has been force-fed a five-per-week diet of newsletters, college “quizzes,” virtual campus tour links, application calendars, and invitations to “exclusive” over-the-phone question-and-answer sessions. They started out by sending me friendly yet impersonal compliments, such as “We’re impressed by your academic record,” or “You’ve impressed us, Julian.” One of the funniest yet most disturbing letters I received was printed on a single sheet of paper inside a priority DHL envelope, telling me I received it in this fashion because I was a “priority” to that college.

It wasn’t even a bubble; it was an opaque, porcelain snow globe. How can we privileged people hope to aid the formation of global solutions if our thinking is limited to the 1136-by-640-pixel screens of our smart phones?

On the bus ride to school my friends lamented that the city might take away our free student Metrocards, blind to the fact that other kids didn’t have schools to walk to. If our thinking is not global in scope, our dreams and solutions will remain capped. In this dream, my cousin and I are sisters across the sea, she in the waves of heat over northern India and I on the banks of the Hudson River.

If I have not already made it clear, it’s an annoyance, and, in fact, turns me and undoubtedly others off to applying to these certain schools.

However, this annoyance is easy to ignore, and, if I wanted to, I could easily forget all about these mailings after recycling them or deleting them from my email.

The more applications a college receives, the more selective they are considered, and the higher they are ranked.

This outcome is no doubt figured into their calculations, if it is not, in some cases, the primary driving force behind their mailings.. Imagine what it would cost to mail a school magazine, with .39 postage, to thousands of students across the country every week.


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