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Academia is also where the next generation of tech workers is taught.“This definitely affects the field as a whole,” said Lucy Lu Wang, a researcher with the Allen Institute.“When there is a lack of leadership in computer science departments, it affects the number of women students who are trained and the number that enter the computer science industry.”The study also indicated that men are growing less likely to collaborate with female researchers — a particularly worrying trend in a field where women have long felt unwelcome and because studies have shown that diverse teams can produce better research. Lu and several other researchers at the Allen Institute, the study is in line with similar research published by academics in Australia and Canada.“Even when women are choosing computer science, they can end up in school and work environments that are inhospitable.”Many artificial intelligence technologies, like face-recognition services and conversational systems, are designed to learn from large amounts of data, such as thousands of photos of faces.

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But there is a chance parity will never be reached, the researchers said. In biomedicine, for example, gender parity is forecast to arrive around 2048, according to the study.

About 27 percent of researchers in computer science are women, versus 38 percent in biomedicine, according to the study.

While the study focused on research published in academic journals, the trends may apply to the technology industry as well as academia.

Companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft that are working on A. are publishing much of their most important research in the same journals as academics.

A recent study of researchers exploring “natural language understanding” — the A. field that involves conversational systems and related technologies — shows that women are less likely to reach leadership positions in the field.“There is still a glass ceiling,” said Natalie Schluter, a professor at IT University in Denmark who specializes in natural language understanding and the author of the study.

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Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and enhancing the physical modelling of the real world are always a “little black dress” of computer science, they are always popular and there is a lot of data connected to them – but there are dozens of people writing about them and it will be really challenging to compete with them and write something completely new.

You may abandon the easy way and find something that is not so popular, but is very useful for some practical reasons: for example, making the complicated calculations faster, or perfectly modelling some tricky bacteria that biologists desperately need.

For your convenience, we have made a writing services review: As every other area of human life, computer science has its fashion.

Just look through the magazines, the exhibitions announcements and other related events to see what is trendy now.


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