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“It’s a real eye-opener.”Prior to , Garrod, for whom developmental psychology is a major interest, edited numerous other anthologies about minority groups, gathering first-person accounts from Latino, Asian-American, mixed-race and Muslim students.

He’s currently at work on an anthology by black students.“I think it’s quite important to understand how life challenges influence identity formation,” said Garrod of how a Harvard- and Oxford-trained British academic came to occupy this particular wheelhouse.

His research interests include Aboriginal cultural politics, political development in the Canadian Arctic, land claims and self-government, Indigenous rights, contemporary critical theory, and political performance art.

He is on the Steering Committee of , an alliance of hydro affected Indigenous communities, and co-director of the Canadian Consortium on Performance and Politics in the Americas.

His was originally published in a 1997 anthology also edited by Garrod, along with brief follow-up essays.

In his original essay, Duthu recalled how he struggled academically, as well as culturally at Dartmouth; unlike many of his peers, who had been meticulously groomed for greatness since childhood, Duthu had not grown up in an environment that prepared its children for the Ivy League, let alone Native children.

Taylor is of Wampanoag descent — though she identifies, first and foremost, as a first-generation college graduate — and the chair of Dartmouth’s Native American Studies Department.

She co-edited the anthology with Andrew Garrod, professor emeritus of education, and Robert Kilkenny, the founder and executive director of the Boston-based education nonprofit Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention.

Kulchyski gave a keynote talk regarding the significant challenges to global capitalism that are offered by indigenous peoples.

NS107.3 Intro to Native Studies File Reading Evaluation READING EVALUATION FORM Students are required to submit a completed evaluation of the assigned reading for selected discussions. This must be individual and ORIGINAL work of your o INDG 107.3 Introduction to Canadian Indigenous Studies READING EVALUATION FORM Students are required to submit a completed evaluation of the assigned readings. Mackay Title of Reading: A Reading of Eekwols Apprentice to the Mystery as an Expressio 1 Imagine being forced off the land where you grew up; the land that your family uses to survive.


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