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But it can also be a good practice for a novel you plan to work at or a short story you want to publish. To make a good one, you could use some of these tips: Stories of childhood are always gratifying.

Whether it's a ridiculous situation you've naively put yourself or an interesting discovery you've made, topics like these are successful.

Be honest about your feelings, describe a certain situation that changed your perspective completely.

Sometimes, a lesson you’ve learned can help others learn too.

Does your relationship need to be improved, you need to communicate more?

Answers to these questions have good potential if you're willing to be open and honest with your audience. Describe a moment you had an argument with your best friend and how you moved on, for instance. What's on your playlist, what are your hobbies, what's your favorite book, how do you spend your holidays? When you find something that you're really passionate about, you could spend an entire day talking about it. You'll see how smooth the pen moves when you're enjoying the subject. Tell your readers about the places you have been while in Rome, the people you’ve met or your favorite Italian dish. A narrative essay puts your story-telling ability to test.

Like the time you got stuck in the elevator, being terrified of closed spaces.

After realizing what happened, not knowing how long it will take until you can get out, what did you do? Your heart was beating so fast, write about your most dreadful thoughts and how you managed to control your mind.

Preconceptions are so often settled in our hearts, despite our efforts to shake them off.

People who wear eyeglasses are nerds; shy people cannot express themselves, overweight people eat a lot and have no respect for their bodies, does any of these sound familiar?


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