Narrative Essay Using The Five Senses

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A universal quality is conveyed when the writer is able to personally connect with the readers.

Another note about sensory details: there is no one sense that's more important than another.

Then I met, or rather got to know, the lady who threw me my first life line. She was thin without the taut look of wiry people, and her printed voile dresses and flowered hats were as right for her as denim overalls for a farmer. Flowers to ruffle her dress, let alone snag her skin. She wore gloves too.' In this passage, we are introduced to the narrator's 'first life line.' Rather than Angelou's narrator merely saying Mrs. Flowers is enhanced by visual images that include references such as her 'rich black' skin.

Flowers seemed glamorous, sensory details are used throughout the passage to show us how the speaker felt about Mrs. These vivid descriptions also include mention of Mrs.

On the ride home, I realized I had forgotten to buy the crusty wheat bread I like so much.' See how the extra details made the scene come to life?

It takes time and effort to incorporate sensory details, but once you get the hang of it, your writing will pop.

Try it risk-free Sensory details include sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

Writers employ the five senses to engage a reader's interest.

Here's a passage without sensory details: 'I went to the store and bought some flowers. Later I realized I forgot to buy bread.' Now, does this pull you in? There's nothing to bring you into the writer's world.

Read this revised version with the addition of sensory details: 'Upon entering the grocery store, I headed directly for the flower department, where I spotted yellow tulips.


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