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The phrase "Nano-technology" had been devised by Norio Taniguchi in 1974.

Taniguchi labelled nanotechnology as the technology that engineers materials at the nanometre level.

Nanotechnology is closely associated with Nanoscience, Nanotechnology was studied by many scientists. He proposed that it was possible to build a surgical nanoscale robot by developing quarter-scale manipulator hands that would build quarter-scale machine tools analogous to those found in machine shops, continuing until the nanoscale is reached, eight iterations later.

The term 'nanotechnology' can be traced back to 1974.

Nanotechnology Perceptions is published to provide a stimulating forum for the exchange of ideas and information concerning nanotechnology (including bionanotechnology and nanomedicine) and ultraprecision engineering.

Each issue contains essays on critical issues of the technologies themselves, as well as incisive appraisals of their impact on human life, society and its institutions.This includes both current work and concepts that are more advanced.Originally, nanotechnology denotes to the projected ability to construct items from the bottom up, using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete, high performance products. Feynman talked about the principles of miniaturization and atomic-level precision and how these concepts do not violate any known law of physics.Lars Montelius, Department of Physics, University of Lund, Sweden Prof. Ramsden, University of Buckingham, England (Chairman) Prof. Thomas Ratchford, National Center for Technology & Law, George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia, USA Prof.Josef Steidl, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic Dr E.Clayton Teague, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, Arlington, Virginia, USA Dr Hans van den Vlekkert, Lioni X BV, Enschede, The Netherlands Prof. It is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic scale.It was first used by Norio Taniguchi in a paper entitled "On the Basic Concept of Nano-Technology".Many invention like the scanning tunnelling microscope in 1981 and the discovery of fullerene (C60) in 1985 lead to the development of nanotechnology.Individual issues can be purchased for delivery by post.Price: CHF 45.00 per issue (or equivalent: GBP 20.00, EUR 30.00, USD 37.50, JPY 4500) including postage.


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