My Dad Means Me Essay

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On their way to another school to drop off my 13-year-old sister Fatima, my dad noticed two vehicles following him.

The cars turned on their flashing lights and pulled him over, and my dad noticed that their vests said ‘Police.’ My dad asked them, “What did I do wrong officer? ” The man said, “Shut up, get out of the car, you have an order of deportation!

Before my dad was detained, I would go to my parents’ house every morning before taking my son to school and my son would get a kiss and hug from his grandparents and I would get a hug and kiss from my parents. My dad would give my son a blessing and my son would return it. ” I say grandpa is sending him a blessing from his heart. He was devoted to his kids, aiming to mold us into successful adults.

He was at every practice, every game, every performance and parent conference. On Saturday mornings he’d wake up at 5 a.m., after two hours’ sleep, and take the girls to train, running alongside them, or riding on his bike as they ran 20 miles.

My sister called me while I was pulling into the parking lot at work. My sister Jocelyn and I went to go see him immediately. The team started making phone calls to the city council, mayor, and other contacts to try and stop my dad’s deportation.

We all decided to go down to the detention center on Los Angeles Street and stop the bus if they tried deporting him.The video my sister Fatima made of the ICE officers taking my dad while she sobbed went viral on the internet. When it started to get played on the news it just made us feel down.Eventually, we started turning off the news whenever they played it.We also learned more about the government’s reasons for picking him up.My family and I never thought that such minor issues would put him at risk.Instead, they are a series of requirements for legal entrance that are so high that many people end up living like Americans, without the legal status.The problem is that legal citizenship matters more than good citizenship. It is your actions, personality, hard work, dedication, and kindness along with other qualities that determine your worth. If the American immigration system is going to be great again, it needs to learn that lesson too.And for all the cases we saw on television of people getting detained and deported, it never seemed like something we would go through.Since he wasn’t a criminal or a bad person, how could he ever be considered a priority for deportation?We went and we blocked the exit and we were waiting, praying, crying, and hoping.We saw a group of guys that were being escorted to a big van behind the fence that we were blocking.


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