My Ambition In Life School Essay

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If I become a good doctor, I will get a lot of money, which I will use for the service of the poor.

I will not charge high fees and shall never exploit the needy and the poor at the most critical moments of their life.

My aim in life is to get happiness for myself and also for others. He is a source of vital who is a paragon inspiration for me.

To realize this aim, I have resolved to be a doctor and spend my life in the service of others. I know that the profession of medicine is a good selection.

An aimless existence is like a ship without a captain in a stormy sea. You will find here short and brief essay on my ambition or aim in life. I think this will provide me a chance to serve the people of my country. It is horrible for a developing country like India where more than forty percent of the population is below the poverty line.

I have an aim to be an administrative officer in my life. They put theirs undue pressure on the officers who yield to their corrupt practices.I will never fall victim to corrupt practices in my life.I will do my duty intending to serving the people as far as practicable.But all this fails to yield any kind fruit because of vast corruption.Now it is the officers who can work out the economic planning efficiently if they are sincere, honest and strict.A prince may have an aim to be a king and a king may have an aim to be an emperor.Some one’s aim is for fame, someones for power, someones for money, while some aim at acquiring knowledge. An aimless man can be compared to a rudderless ship left at the mercy of the winds and tides without having any chance to reach the shore. I think my hard work will urge me to make my mark at the preliminary and the final examinations. I have a firm intention to become an administrative officer, and so the roads are open to me. It is true that competitive examinations are challenging. Hard work and sincere efforts will lead me on to achieve my end. Without any goal, his life his life loses its charm and becomes as dry as a desert.Without ambition ‘life would be like rudderless ship’. I shall open up a hospital in my native village, as there are no medical facilities over there.Our life must have certain directions and we must sail in that direction only. I know that for becoming a doctor, I shall have to work very hard.


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