Music Then And Now Essay

Grime emerged out of “UK garage” (another genre which had developed in the 1990s) which is characterized by a punchy 4/4 pulse and syncopated hi-hat and snare hits.

Garage itself had gradual shifts in its sound, starting in the early 90s1 in the wake of club music from the United States and the UK’s rave music, namely “jungle”2.

Most of the music today is electronic and they can pull up whatever instrument they want to use whenever they want.

Whereas back in the 70’s most DJ’s, or Disc Jockey, used to scratch records on a turntable and that was how they used to make their music and get their beats.

Psychologically, though Hip-Hop/Rap has its advantages and its disadvantages.

One positive thing is Hip-Hop/Rap gives kids another outlet and another way to express themselves.

They quickly judge this music genre and the immediately dislike it without giving it a second thought.

Rappers pour their emotions and their souls into their songs and it really speaks to That also can set rappers apart from each other.

Pirate radio was instrumental to spread of the genre.

Pirate radio, a form of radio broadcast which is considered illegal due to a lack of licensing, has been tied to Britain’s music culture since the 1960s.


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