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Customers only continue doing business with us when we continue to solve their problems.When we solve a complex problem for our customers we deliver value.As part of an agile work process, customers receive implementation plans that they can put into practice immediately. A proven marketing specialist, who after studying in Germany and Hong Kong worked on the client side at - amongst others - Volkswagen worldwide headquarters in Wolfsburg.

Being part of the VOK DAMS GROUP allows MR WOLF to access a wealth of resources and exploit the wide range of synergy possibilities.

The available resources are extensive as the VOK DAMS GROUP - an owner-managed agency in business for over 40 years - has more than 200 employees in 15 offices worldwide, producing hundreds of communication projects each year.

Since 2003 I've been working with several agencies and digital studios for Brazilian brands like Friboi, Electrolux, Itaú, Marisol, Unimed and Lialine Shoes.

I'm still working on UI and UX, Web Development and I'm excited to solve your problem too.

The name MR WOLF stands for a solution based orientation.

"I solve problems", is Winston Wolf's famous quote from "Pulp Fiction".

"We solve problems - more precisely, marketing problems", says Hannes Putzig, the managing director of Berlin based consulting agency MR WOLF. With a young, energetic and highly creative workforce, specializing in strategic consulting and planning.

MR WOLF develops marketing strategies, based on scientifically sound future scenarios for short, medium and long term problem solving strategies.

This includes packaging and the way we treat our customers.

When The Wolf is called, he’s on location in under 10 minutes.


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