Modern Technology Is Changing Our World Essay

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The similarity of lifestyles, whereby communication channels homogeneity, can have deleterious effects (Griswold, 2012).

Before the rise of film, television, and the internet, people had different cultures and traditions that were reflected in the way they wear clothes or design buildings.

While technology is often described as the most important influence upon society (ref), it remains a subject which deserves further study.

This situation is generally accepted, with politicians, sociologists, industrialists and educationalists alike recognising that technology lies at the very heart of society (Chandler, 1996).

Thus, this generation is able to confirm journalists’ interpretation of an event, even in film, with those who are participating on both sides of the event, as well as casual observers. The degree to which unfettered access to opinion, counter-opinion, reportage, and propaganda will truly reshape the world is yet to be determined.

The Habermasian interpretation of the development of the public sphere holds some analogies, as the democratisation of critical analysis unfolded in fin-de-siècle Viennese coffee houses (Habermas, 1989). revolution (which tends to be presented as the ‘final’ communications revolution) can be seen as having been preceded by the ‘writing revolution’ and ‘the print revolution’, and only the latest phase of an ‘electronics revolution’ which began with telegraphy and telephony.

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Zhong (2007) observes that, in today’s stock markets, financial infrastructure, global news organisations, powerful militaries, strong governments and big corporations, instantaneous communication is an asset society cannot afford to lose.

The internet allows interconnection and promotes globalisation and information sharing.


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