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With our Analytics tool you can set up queries to track whatever term you like.

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Once you start pulling in your data you can set up massively insightful dashboards that analyze everything from volume of mentions to sentiment. We even produced an infographic about /r/Gameof Thrones to see what they thought of each character. Try a free demo of Brandwatch today and see what’s possible. This is probably one of the weaker ones when it comes to actual subreddit analysis.

You can see what the major talking points are or see when a subreddit is most active. We don’t just do Reddit either – we cover all major social platforms, forums, blogs, and the internet in general. Searching for one just returns some milestones (such as when it trended or hit a certain number of subscribers) and subscriber growth.

Want to know the most popular sports brand in /r/unitedkingdom? It adds a bit of context, but nothing hugely practical.

Later for Reddit has an incredibly powerful function: the ability to analyze a subreddit and see when the best time to post is.

Previous research has shown that when you post is just as important as what you post in terms of success Later for Reddit’s subreddit analytics tool gives you the optimal time to post for that specific place.


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    The question of whether corruption is antithetical to economic development has been. “perceived corruption” may have “risen slightly during the 1990s in Western. 38.…

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    Aug 25, 2017. While slightly antithetical to Reddit's dedication to privacy, it's worth a look. specific users, such as contacting a mod to organise an AMA Ask Me Anything. You can see the fastest growing ones, along with which ones are.…

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    Aug 24, 2012. The band's album “Quadrophenia” inspired the first Mod revival. bearded and denim-clad rock stars against the rising and unsparing punk wave. early-'60s worship the film can induce is antithetical to the Mod ethic itself.…

  • No, the Financial Crisis Didn't Spawn Populism - WSJ

    Sep 18, 2018. The unifying factor in the rise of right-wing populism is a. Only the Liberal Democrats, the antithesis of populists, made it a central issue in the.…

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    Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. three dialectical stages of development a thesis, giving rise to its reaction; an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis;.…

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