Mobile Hair Salon Business Plan

To start your mobile salon truck business, you need the basic licences required by your province for hair styling or other beauty services along with insurance for your vehicle and business liability.

In addition to the truck, you need all the tools of your trade, including a supply of water for washing clients’ hair, a reliable power source for your hair dryers and styling equipment, and basics such as combs, brushes, rollers, and other styling aids.

The senior market is another niche that mobile hairstylists can fill.

They travel to clients’ homes or to residential facilities to provide the kind of services seniors were accustomed to getting in salons.

You can typically find sizable commercial vans and trucks big enough to accommodate portable styling chairs, portable washing stations, mirrors, and more for around $20,000 – and then you can retrofit the vehicle with portable equipment.

Even with painting the salon truck to match your branding and equipping it with all the tools of the trade needed for haircuts and colouring, eyebrow waxing, and facials, you can still get into the game at a much lower price point than if you invest in a brick-and-mortar location.Whether you’re new or established, getting clientele can be as easy as driving around with your phone number and website in full view or offering existing customers special deals if they can arrange multiple appointments near their homes or workplaces.The advantages of creating a mobile salon truck business potentially outweigh starting a traditional brick-and-mortar salon.Salon services make a person feel valued and cared for.Hairstylists provide any combination of services to clients, including washing, conditioning, coloring, cutting, drying and styling hair. Stylists have the necessary training to assess a client’s hair and scalp and make recommendations for treatment of conditions such as dandruff or breakage.To save money on startup costs, you can team up with other beauty professionals to offer a wide range of services that put you ahead of your competition and pave the way for success.Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete.If you work at a larger salon through the week and you’re looking to expand your client base, you can start small with your mobile salon truck by taking weekend appointments for wedding parties, prom preparation, and other group occasions where you can accommodate several clients.You can also find a niche in arranging multiple neighbourhood appointments on a Saturday that keep you busy grooming local clients throughout the day.Now is the time for hair stylists, eyebrow artists, and other beauty professionals to look into starting a mobile salon truck business.While buying or purchasing real estate and renovating it to meet your needs can cost upward of 0,000, especially in larger cities, startup costs for mobile trucks are a fraction of that amount.


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