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Other paper formats you might use in college can include American Psychological Association (APA) and Chicago Style.

Place your heading in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

Margaret Walters of Kennesaw State University, where she and her students have used primarily MLA guidelines in their writing, editing and literature classes. Walters has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate level writing courses at Kennesaw State University for over 15 years. Walters said, "The most common problems I see with MLA style occur in the writing, meaning the text itself, not the bibliography or Works Cited...though there are often some problems to address there, too.

In the text, the most common problems are: "Students get it right most of the time," Dr. "I think the underlying problem is an unwillingness to use the style sheets, handouts, or even the MLA handbook.

This follows Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting which is the accepted standard for college papers. Taylor gained her gardening and outdoor equipment repair experience from working in the landscaping and lawn-care business she and her husband own and operate.

In academic writing, how you present your information (technically) is often seen as important as the ideas you are putting forth.

Once you get the format down, it will become second nature and you'll find yourself doing it automatically.

You can use MLA style for most papers you turn including homework assignments.

The common mistakes being made in properly styling citations and references might be as simple as not downloading the most recent updates; however, it may also be a case where students are simply not understanding how to infuse referencing properly.

Common APA Mistakes "One of the most common mistakes I see," stated Professor John Long, who has studied social science and has taught health care administration and career development at a college level for various universities for more than five years, "are errors in properly citing web references." Professor Long and his students - being in the social sciences - have never used anything except APA style.


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