Miss Brill Short Story Essay

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Then one of her observations about the odd, silent, nearly all old people, and from the way they stared they looked as though theyd just come from dark little rooms or even even cupboards!

(p.51) whom she sees every Sunday at the park hints to the reader that she might be one of those people.

It is through her fur that she begins to understand what her life really is like, even though she wants to deny it.

Throughout the story readers are able to understand the loneliness that Miss Brill feels which makes it easier to understand why she lives her life in denial.

At the same time the author provides illuminating insights into the protagonists character and lifestyle that effectively communicate to the reader the theme of this short story.

The central theme of Miss Brill is the pain of loneliness, and inadvertent attempts to experience life through the experiences of total strangers.When she makes this observation she is really describing herself.She does not want to realize that she is odd to other people, old, and silent so at the end of...Another sign of Miss Brills need for companionship is evident in her perception of the music which the band is playing at the Jardins Publiques: It was like some one playing with only the family to listen (p.50).Despite of her loneliness, she is considering herself a part of this family that the band is entertaining with its music.From the beginning of the narrative it becomes apparent that Miss Brill is starving for warmth and companionship.She tenderly caresses her fur as if it were a beloved pet when she rubbs the life into the dim little eyes (p.50) of the old fox boa.Miss Brill adopts a more critical, at times even hostile, attitude toward the women that she observes in the park than toward their male companions: she views the man who shares her special seat as a fine old man, while the woman is a big old woman (p.50).When she recollects the events of the previous Sunday at the park, she remembers a patient Englishman with the difficult to please wife, whom Miss Brill wanted to shake (p.50).Quote and document according to the guidelines in the chapter "Writing About Literature" at the back of our textbook.This short story is narrated in the third person from the point of view of the limited omniscient narrator who primarily acts as the voice of the storys protagonist, Miss Brill.


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