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Ceres was the goddess of agriculture, and Juno was the queen of the gods. As a strange, fiery light illumines the ship, the king and his company jump overboard.After attending his daughter Claribels wedding in Tunis, a city in the north African country of Tunisia, King Alonso of Naples and his company sail home to Italy in a fleet of ships and encounter a violent storm. Others on the kings ship are Antonio, the Duke of Milan; Antonios butler, Stephano; the kings brother, Sebastian; a counselor, Gonzalo; and Trinculo, a jester. Gonzalo is the last to speak as the ship founders: Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground, long heath, brown furze, any thing. All except Ferdinand wash ashore in separate groups at different locations on an enchanted island.

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Strong evidence suggests that the island Shakespeare had in mind was a fictionalized Mediterranean version of an island in the Bermudas, located east of present-day North Carolina.

All of the action takes place in a period of just over three hours.

In Book 7 of the famous book on ancient myths, Ovid recounts the adventures of the powerful sorceress Medea in helping Jason retrieve the fabled Golden Fleece.

In one passage, Medea summons the powers that assist her, including the air and wind, elves, and charms that control the seas, dim the morning, darken the noon sun, and perform many other wondrous things.

These accounts include (1) William Strachey's A True Reportory of the Wracke and Redemption of Sir Thomas Gates upon and from the Islands of the Bermudas (written in letter form and circulated in 1610, then published in 1625) and (2) Sylvester Jourdain's A Discovery of the Barmudas [Bermudas], published in 1610.

Both accounts include details of events similar to the fictional events in The Tempest.

Ariel possesses protean power, enabling him to alter his appearance instantly.

He can also travel to any part of the island, or the world, in a split-second.: A dead witch who was the mother of Caliban. Sycorax, who was at one time a resident of Algeria in North Africa, was banished to the island occupied by Prospero.

Friends of Shakespeare oversaw the publication project, attempting to make sure that the printed plays were authentic copies of the stage plays.

The Tempest and the other plays in the collection were printed on large sheets of paper called folios, each of which was folded in the middle to create four pages.


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