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S.-based K-12 Context through a Mobile App, Seyedjafar Ehsanzadehsorati PDF Automatic Extraction of Narrative Structure from Long Form Text, Joshua Daniel Eisenberg PDF Secure Control and Operation of Energy Cyber-Physical Systems Through Intelligent Agents, Mohamad El Hariri PDF The Cyclodextrin-Perfluorinated Surfactant Host-Guest Complex: Fundamental Studies for Potential Environmental Remediation and Therapeutic Applications, Mary J.Errico PDF Estimation and Prediction of Mobility and Reliability Measures Using Different Modeling Techniques, Fatema Hoque Farzana PDF The Effect of Reciprocal Mapping on Third-Grade Students’ Reading Comprehension Achievement and Reading Attitude, Olga Elena Flamion PDF Impact of a Nutrition and Yoga Intervention in Breast Cancer Suvivors' Quality of Life, Tammy C.Algae blooms are large formations of algae that can cover the surface of a body of water.

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Several bodies of water in Ohio have recently been placed under health advisory due to high and potentially dangerous levels of bacteria and toxic algae.

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Below are the bodies of water that have been placed under a health advisory due to contamination.

They are Algae blooms have been detected in Grand Lake St. Samples taken from the water show high levels of microcystin, which is a toxin produced by algae.

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