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I know the exact steps I have to take to investigate an incident or track down people hard to find.I know how to spot the lede, structure a story, etc.” will receive a Master’s of Arts in publishing and writing in this spring.“Go to events where agents and editors meet-and-greet with writers.

I know the exact steps I have to take to investigate an incident or track down people hard to find.I know how to spot the lede, structure a story, etc.” will receive a Master’s of Arts in publishing and writing in this spring.“Go to events where agents and editors meet-and-greet with writers.

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English and Spanish are for me the same language.”•In the El Paso program, faculty members strive to respond effectively to students who write in English, Spanish or both.

Professors try to accommodate students in individual conferences by working in their preferred language.

In the opening line the character says: “Tony, Toño, Antonio, Anthony, it doesn’t matter, honey....”“I had never before adopted a persona that explored Spanglish’s complexity and its meaning to me as a Mexican citizen naturalized in the U. I had unconsciously judged others by the way they spoke Spanglish.” She said she was trying to show how the character’s use of Spanglish “is a vital manifestation of his identity as a marginalized member of both societies.”Writing the poem helped her see the artistry of “a language as valid and beautiful as English or Spanish, as hybrid as African-American English, and therefore as deserving of a place in poetry.” Huizache, a journal of Latino literature, has just published “Real Mexican.”•Many important Hispanic fiction writers have attended traditional M. “Esperanza” can mean waiting, expectation or hope in English. A muddy color.”“I wanted it to be a traditional name that wouldn’t translate well into U. Díaz, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Dominican-American writer, attended Cornell University’s M. In graduate education, he advocates for “ties to scholars working on the intersections of languages, on Creoles, on multilingualism.”He explained his own mental translation process this way: “If I’m writing a character who is Spanish dominant, they talk and think within me in Spanish and I translate most of it into English.

In the story, the girl poetically expresses a blend of feelings about her name, saying, “In Spanish, it means too many letters. Some words refuse translations — sometimes it’s the joy of the word, or the energy it pulses with in the original Spanish sentence.” For example, Mr. graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, writes entire drafts bilingually.

Collectively, the programs could play a significant role in developing young writers who publicly voice varied aspects of the Hispanic experience.•The Juárez-El Paso geography — two communities intertwined culturally and economically, separated by a parched Rio Grande barely waist deep — is a topic the students and professors have explored in their literary work. She projected on a screen a copy of the poem, hand-edited by classmates, and an English translation, pointing out to the audience phrases she had originally conceived in English.“Spanish, and the way it’s used to create music in poetry, differs radically in terms of syllables and rhyme,” she discovered. programs did not recognize the Spanish-speaking side of their identities, either by assigning Latino authors or by supporting the Spanish element of their work. Cisneros, who is Mexican-American, described an interaction with her thesis adviser at the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop when she began writing “The House on Mango Street.”She had written the novella in English but inflected it with Spanish phrasings.

Perhaps the starkest difference between the cities is the drug-related violence on the Juárez side, which they depict with disturbing visceral images and blunt, uncensored vocabulary. “It was a humbling workshop for me, but an enlightening one, too.”Ms. The adviser criticized her for overusing the word “little,” unaware how frequently the suffix “ito” — for little or cute — is used in Spanish.

Diaz freely employs English expletives in his work, but sometimes opts for rough Spanish equivalents. Santiago, author of the memoir “When I Was Puerto Rican” and an M. “I write as fast as I can and don’t worry whether what appears on the page is in English or in Spanish,” she said.

“Later, when I’m editing, I will translate almost all of the Spanish into English if it’s for publication in that language.

Among the emerging programs, California State University in Los Angeles will offer its own bilingual M. Cal State’s program director, Alex Espinoza, said its students will help residents in largely Spanish-speaking East L. write biographical narratives that counter those “too often generalized in the media” — and by the Trump administration. She had written a poem in Spanish called “Ovarian Cancer,” filled with graphic imagery (she compared cancer to a bleeding fetus).

Indeed, these programs could be seen as something of an artistic challenge to the administration’s stance on Hispanic immigrants, represented by its plans to revoke the DACA program protecting undocumented students from deportation, the proposed Mexican border wall, and the removal this year of the White House Spanish-language website. She spent a year in medical school, but “it didn’t feel like it was supposed to feel,” she said. Classmates had told her the beat pattern didn’t flow and criticized her use of rhyme. Narváez-Varela realized she had been unconsciously translating from English.


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