Media And Violence Essay

We know that violence is wrong and may lead to punishment thus we would not behave violently.

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Introduction Man-Ju Lin Sara Talpos English 125 16 April 2006 Does Media Violence Lead to Aggression and Societal Violence?

In 2003 Devin Moore, a teenager from Alabama, was caught and brought to police station on suspicion of stealing a car. He suddenly grabbed the gun and shot three police officers, then drove off in a police car but was later apprehended.

This is the question that has been asked since before television was in every American’s house.

Of course there are the different types of media today ranging from newspapers, to on-line reports and stories.

The UCLA study focused on all of the television media, and discovered some interesting facts from their study. Theatrical films raised more concern and had a lot more violence. 23% of the cartoons raised concern, but that was only rating the most popular cartoons: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, X-Men, etc.

They termed the action in cartoons as “Sinister Combat Violence” which basically means the whole story line leads to violence. focused on the amount and context on cable, effectiveness of rating systems and parental advisories, and the success of anti-violent messages.Teenagers who know that violent behavior is wrong but still engage in violent acts deserve punishment and should blame themselves.Irresponsible parents who failed to educate their children or even abuse the children should be blamed.Children who grow up in such environment will generally internalise distorted views of the social world and make assumptions about various aspects that is not based on reality.However, cultivation is "usually described as a hypothesis rather than a formal media effects theory due to a lack of supporting, empirical evidence to explain how the cultivation process occurs" (Bryant et al. When considering the possible effects media violence may have on the audience, we also need to account for television viewers' age, gender, social status, and other psychological traits since these also affects their way of perceiving images portrayed in television.But there are so many violent acts, that one can’t focus on the guns, just like one can’t focus on the media.David Phillips, one of the men we discuss later put it perfectly, “It’s like watching rain fall on a pond and trying to figure out which drop causes which ripple.”There have been many studies conducted on the effects of violence on children, and on the effects on society as a whole.The issue of media violence is controversial indeed.If we take a step back and ask ourselves who is responsible for societal violence, media is definitely not the only answer.test sponsored by the National Cable Television Association.Of course there were many other studies done, but these made headlines because of their results.


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