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In our Consulting Interview Bible, we go into the differences in great detail – but that’s not the point of this article.

Here’s a sample question: Unlike science math, consulting math only expects close-to-correct answers.

In science or technology, a tiny margin of error can lead to major accidents.

Your job is to set up a framework to help them find the source of the issue.

The framework should be in 2 levels, and beyond revenues and costs, it could highlight a potential internal company or product problem, competition or a global market issue, etc.

Here are some sample brainteaser questions: In their purest form, brainteasers are uncommon in management consulting interviews, but we include them for 2 reasons.

One, it’s good to be prepared for them in case you have an interviewer who decides to throw them in.

Anyone interviewing for a case interview must understand the types of case interviews, and the case interview frameworks often used.

Consulting firms rely heavily on case interviews to find the right candidate and, therefore, you should practice them – practice them well, start practicing them early (2-3 months prior to the interview), and then keep practicing them often.

In regular math drills, you will not have the leisure of having a calculator.

We are going back in time to the pen and paper and, your best resource…your smart brain.


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