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Teachers and students may choose their own tasks, but AQA strongly advises that, if they do, they consult their coursework adviser before using the task with students so that the adviser can reassure them that the proposed task is suitable.Collect appropriate data to test whether there is a link between two variables.

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(Coursework is optional – for each unit with coursework and a written paper, there is an equivalent unit with the same subject content but assessed by written paper only.

See the specifications for full details.) These coursework tasks have been chosen because they relate to the subject content of the unit and they give students the opportunity to meet all the assessment criteria.

The Undergraduate Vice Chair of the department is happy to discuss the specific differences in the degrees offered and the plans and situation of any interested student to help them decide which degree in mathematics is most appropriate for them.

Each degree allows sufficient choices of coursework to enable students to personalize their degree to prepare for their particular interests and goals, from work in industry or government, to graduate study.

We often have applicants from engineering, psychology, or financial/business backgrounds.

Strong applicants will have solid quantitative skills as evidenced by their coursework and GRE quantitative score.Each year we receive approximately 300 applications, and offer admission to approximately 15% of our applicant pool.Below are minimum prerequisites for admission and criteria to be considered a competitive applicant. degrees in both Mathematics and in Applied Mathematics.Admission to our program is competitive, and applicants are evaluated based on the entire application package.For use with the specifications from September 2004.The following tasks are recommended by AQA for centres choosing to undertake coursework for the AQA A-level Mathematics and Statistics specifications.Applicants to the MS and Ph D program should have a bachelor’s degree or higher.Most students enter with a major in mathematics, statistics, or a biological sciences field; however, we also accept applicants with backgrounds in other fields if the necessary math and statistics prerequisites below are fulfilled.If you are a UW student interested in pursuing a second/concurrent degree, please consult with your current degree program to determine the feasibility, division and sharing of credits, and timeline for pursuing a concurrent degree.See the UW Graduate School's policy on concurrent degrees.


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