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The essay should be 600-800 words per question (in one document), double-spaced and appropriate use of APA 6th edition formatting.

In a 600-800 word essay (typed, double-spaced), explain why you are interested in the M. in Teaching and Learning, and how you will contribute to the learning among your peers in the program. in liberal studies is especially designed for those who wish to explore a particular question, theme, problem or issue from multiple points of view.

Thus, the focus might be on "teaching science in elementary school," for example or on "teaching developmentally challenged adults." An interdisciplinary master's degree in liberal studies requires a different approach, one that views teaching within a broad framework of history and social relationships and might explore the meaning of such concepts as childhood, pedagogy, normalcy and difference and encourages students to think broadly about their interests and to explore them from a variety of perspectives and viewpoints.

With these examples in mind, tell us about your area of interest in the following essays: The body – what we eat, how we dress, the daily rituals through which we attend to the body – is a medium of culture.

-Susan Bordo, Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture and the Body We lived in the country where roads were not paved.

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Every day it seemed we complained about the long walk to the little white wood frame schoolhouse and our father told us again and again about the many miles he had walked to attend school.Growing up in a community where I would be sent here and there to read the Bible to Miss Zula because she does not know how, to read this and that, a letter, words on a detergent box – to read – to write for others. – bell hooks, Talking Back (1999) Quote C: The resource of highest value in adult education is the learner’s experience. What is your motivation to become a middle or high school teacher and what do you think will make you a successful student in this program?Your essay might include some of the following points: In a 600-800 word essay (typed and double-spaced), respond to both questions.In an essay of approximately 600 words, describe your interest in SUNY Empire State College’s MBA program. in healthcare leadership will help you achieve these goals.Include your short-term and long-term post-MBA professional goals and how the MBA program will help you to achieve those goals. In addition, indicate how your experience and skills would help you be successful in this program.Major employers have left the area, leaving only a hospital which is itself struggling because of the high number of uninsured patients that it serves.Though there is a county community college nearby, many of the city’s youths leave for 4-year colleges and end up re-settling elsewhere.Generations of black people have known what it means to see education as the practice of freedom. And how could I forget that fundamentally the purpose of my knowing was so I could serve those who did not know, so that I could learn and teach my own – education as the practice of freedom.Growing up in a community where I would be sent here and there to read the bible to Miss Zulu because she does not know how, to read this and that, a letter, words on a detergent box – to read – to write for others. -Bell Hooks, Talking Back The various disciplines that make up the arts and sciences are the cultural frames in terms of which attitudes are formed and lives conducted.In no case is this more strikingly true than in that of anorexia nervosa and bulimia, barely known a century ago, yet reaching epidemic proportions today.Far from being the result of a superficial fashion phenomena, these disorders reflect and call our attention to some of the central ills of our culture.


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