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There is a formation of Sodium chloride or commonly known as common salt.Likewise, there are many chemical reactions taking place within and around us all which are all by the phenomenon of chemistry.

There is a formation of Sodium chloride or commonly known as common salt.Likewise, there are many chemical reactions taking place within and around us all which are all by the phenomenon of chemistry.The fundamental constituents of matter, atoms & molecules, form the basis of chemistry.

The details about them are explained below- As you might be aware of common salt which we use in our foods, Have you ever observed what happens when the elements of these substances are involved in reactions?

Consider the sodium metal element when it reacts with water it produces a kind of hissing sound by giving out hydrogen as a gas.

The quantitative measurement of the number of basic constituents of matter i.e.

atoms and molecules and their dependence on the mass of the given matter is well explained by chemistry.

It explained all the basics of the subject which were concluded after a series of experiments which shed light on how they really worked.

Whereas Modern Chemistry prevailed in the 17th century which laid systematic steps in gaining knowledge about the matter.

These discoveries and inventions have improved the standard of living on this planet and have paved the way for further studies.

Science has been divided into different sub-groups based on their concerned area of study.

These are the more common types of chemical reaction:- Chemistry is a subject that involves fun.

Meanwhile, it also requires good imagination to understand the deeper insights into the topics.


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