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Back to the table of contents There are some general guidelines that any academic thesis follows.If you have already participated in one of our seminars (for Bachelor or Master students), you will be familiar with these guidelines.

Therefore, if you seek very close collaboration with your supervisor, consider to schedule your thesis such that the majority of the writing time is within lecturing periods.

Back to the table of contents It is good to plan well ahead.

In general, industry partnerships are more common for master dissertations.

However, writing a bachelor thesis with an industry partner is also feasible.

That means that we don’t reserve topics for students who plan to start their dissertation in a few months’ time.

However, you may want to consider suggesting your own thesis topic.

Potential business applications to study include, but are not limited to: In terms of methodology, we employ a broad variety of techniques to solve planning problems, explain decision maker behavior, and assess the effectiveness of formal decision aids. Surveying the state-of-the-art in such fields and/or evaluating such modelling strategies in business settings is an interesting task for a dissertation.

Examples of such planning methods include: Furthermore, there is a large body of literature on novel learning paradigms, which differ substantially from conventional explanatory (e.g. Some examples include: Yes, we support collaborative theses written with an industry partner.

Alternatively, you can propose a thesis topic to us, preferably but not necessarily in one of our research areas.

Back to the table of contents We do not enforce specific formatting requirements.


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