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Upon joining the marketing world, you will see how different players implement the four Ps.Typically, a marketing manager determines “price.” A merchandising or distribution manager takes care of “place.” A promotions or marketing communications manager handles “promotion.” And a merchandise, product, or brand manager focuses on “product.” Does your marketing assignment involve the four or seven Ps of marketing?

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With a marketing degree, be ready for a nine-to-five schedule and more.

Brace for long hours especially when deadlines are near or when involved in big projects.

It is a question everyone needs to ask before they apply for business school.

As a marketing graduate, you can expect to start work as a marketing intern in an advertising agency.

A marketing graduate may also find themselves performing roles in brand management, advertising, digital marketing, e-marketing, mobile and social media marketing, and international marketing.

No marketing student ever graduates without learning about the all-important four Ps of marketing. But the initial four Ps of marketing remains critical to the whole idea of marketing.The internet and social media are where all the marketing seems to be happening.That is not surprising considering that is where the world “hangs out” nowadays.Every government department, nonprofit, college, hospital, and business needs publicity in one form or another.They would like a lot of people to know what they are doing and how they (organizations) can help them.Content marketing is a whole new approach that focuses on relationship building, the customer, and brand.As a content marketer, you use articles, blog posts, marketing emails, press releases and other material to reach your target customers and convert them into sales. All the information about content marketing is available online.Gone are the days when making a great mousetrap was good enough.Producing an excellent product is all right; just do not expect the world to keep beating a path to your doorstep. However, someone will make a better product, and you will end up will less and less traffic.The best copywriting professionals can make six-figure pay. If yes, you should learn and master the art of “heart-to-heart” communication.In fact, in copywriting, you can deliberately make spelling or grammar mistakes to create specific effects in the minds of consumers.


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