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Through marketing, you can build relationships with potential customers, show your business’s authenticity, and make sales.Or, do you plan to utilize offline strategies like radio ads and direct mail?Lay out exactly what combination of marketing strategies you plan to pursue.You must also define your sales strategies and goals.Explain how you will sell to customers and explain sales goals.Your small business plan should explain how you plan to market to potential customers.Will you use online marketing strategies, such as social media and email campaigns?Find out information about your market, target customers, and competition. Analyze the size of the market you want to penetrate.Research your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Questions you should answer in your market analysis include: The organization and management section of your business plan for small business dives into your business structure and leadership.Business plans can help you further understand your market, obtain outside funding from lenders and investors, and strategize your company’s future.There are approximately nine sections in a traditional business plan outline.


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