Ma Thesis English Literature

In addition, students must demonstrate some critical and theoretical awareness of the approach they plan to take for the creative thesis.

The finished thesis includes an introduction of no fewer than 15 pages delineating this critical and theoretical awareness.

The program appeals to students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of topics in English, a more rigorous set of research and writing skills, and wishing to complete a longer creative or research project.

Students learn from distinguished faculty members in a range of fields, including creative writing.

Students will choose their MA thesis topic in one of these 5 subjects.

Creative and curious individuals seeking a two-year thesis based degree will find the English program stimulating, challenging and rewarding.

Perhaps more than any other academic discipline, English literature also emphasizes the importance of literacy, including the development of effective writing and oral presentation skills, thereby providing students with the communications skills so highly valued in the professional world.

The Master of Arts degree in English is available on a full-time or part-time basis.

Over the four semesters, the study programme involves a broad-based approach in which most students work on all of the subdisciplines of English, with an option to study one field in depth – British or American literature, Medieval literature, or Linguistics.

Interdisciplinary work is a key aspect of studies in the Department and there are intensive weekend seminars for some classes during which students and professors meet in a congenial setting to investigate a subject in detail.


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