Lord Of The Flies Good Vs Evil Thesis

Lord Of The Flies Good Vs Evil Thesis-33
It seems as though there is so much more evil than good in the world today.

It seems as though there is so much more evil than good in the world today.

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When Simon comes to tell the boys that the beast lives within them, even Ralph takes part in his killing.

Later on he feels really guilty and tries to pretend like he was never a part of such a terrible thing.

The first time There are various outlooks of a man in the novel ? Piggy and Ralph viewed man as being essentially good and that evil happens because something was wrong with people.

Jack used power over others and believed that forces more powerful than him must be appeased through ceremony and sacrifice.

At the end of the novel, Ralph cries for a few reasons. While him and the rest of the boys are on this island, they see that there are many decisions they have to face and all of them have a good and a bad side.

For example, Ralph symbolizes the good and morals throughout the story, but when he gets a small taste of hunting and how exciting it is he momentarily loses himself.“The loss of innocence for which Ralph weeps at the novel's close is not, however, a matter of transformation from childish goodness to adolescent depravity, is not a growing into wickedness. Before Ralph ended up on this island, he thought everyone was good, and bad was just a foreign concept.It is rather the coming of an awareness of darkness, of the evil in man's heart that was present in the children all along,” (Boyd). But now he sees that there is evil even within himself.At the beginning, the boys choose the good side, with morals and civilization.But as the story moves on, the boys find it more exciting to be on the bad side.“Roger gathered a handful of stones and began to throw them.Yet there was a space round Henry, perhaps six yards in diameter, into which he dare not throw.Lord of the Flies showed that the evil residing within everyone could be unleashed.It proved the dark side of human nature could be really brutal and even the most innocent of us are vulnerable to it.Although sometimes it is easier to be evil, it pays off to be good.The novel is a perfect example of how all people are born with both sides.


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