Lord Of The Flies Conch Shell Essay

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In the novel Piggy first spots a conch shell and tells Ralph how to use it to make a noise." It's a shell! As a concrete detail it is important to the story because Ralph uses it to call all the other boys on the island to meetings.

Because of the conch rules are set down and Ralph becomes the leader.

The Beast and the Lord of the Flies end up becoming symbols for the same thing — the Beast as a mental manifestation and the Lord of the Flies as a physical manifestation of the evil and darkness within everyone. Piggy quickly recognizes what the conch shell is and how to make sound from it, and it is Ralph that makes the most use of it.

In the beginning, all of the boys agree to meet whenever the conch sounds and that whoever is holding the conch in meetings is the one who gets to speak.

The first reason your instructor assigned you this book is because of its profound theme.

The novel’s main theme is one that touches on the human condition: the struggle between civilization and savagery.

The more vicious and savage some of the boys become, the smaller the signal fire becomes.

The signal fire, however, is not what gets the attention of a passing ship, but the destructive fire Jack lights to hunt Ralph.

The conch shell is destroyed by the boulder that also kills Piggy.

This incident symbolizes the fall of order and civilization on the island.


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