Lord Flies Movie Book Comparison Essay

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In William Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies Ralph though not the stronger person, demonstrates a better understanding of people which gives Ralph better leadership qualities than Jack.

Ralph displays useful qualities as a leader by working towards the This illustrates his superior knowledge of people, which makes him a better leader than Jack.

When Jack hits Piggy and breaks his glasses, Ralph calls it "A dirty trick." (Golding 78) Ralph's compassion and ability to empathize with others thus illustrating his understanding of people; while at the same time demonstrates Jack's disregard for other humans.

Ralph's "government" is a form of democracy which gives each boy equal rights and an ability to express themselves.

Ralph possesses this understanding and is therefore a better leader.

Ralph's common sense and ability to recognize what is best for the group as a whole further demonstrates his superior leadership skills.The first quote shows us that the beast is clearly evil.Western society considers snakes to be bad omens because it was a snake that led Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge.However, sometimes the strongest person is not the best choice.Authors often show how humans select this stronger person, in order to give an understanding of the different powers that some people can posses over others.The theme of savagery versus civilisation is first introduced to us through the symbol of the conch shell which we associate with Ralph as he is the person who first uses it and becomes the elected leader of the boys. At the first assembly Ralph says “I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak…he won’t be interrupted”.This suggests civilisation as Ralph is allowing each boy to have an equal say and opinion.One of ways Golding shows conflict between savagery and civilisation is when Jack and some of the other boys are killing the first pig.Jack chants “kill the pig, cut her throat, spill the blood”.Choose a novel in which an important theme is explored.Explain how the author develops this theme throughout the novel.


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