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Published during the war in Vietnam, the novel was one of the most successful examples of the new forms of mass culture that emerged in the context of the US military intervention in South Vietnamese cities.In the novel, the character of the Vietnamese superspy appears as a figure for the ambivalent political situation of the Republic of Vietnam within the geopolitics of the Cold War.more One of the most recurrent tropes in the US fiction emerging out of the experience of the War in Vietnam is the description of the feeling of estrangement of the soldiers.

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Additionally rather than adhering to the rigid definition of tourism as an activity outside of obligated work, this paper calls for a broader understanding of the orthodox definitional paradigm.

Although at work soldiers have throughout history syncretised tourist activity with their military commitments.

more The Vietnam War, homosexual extramarital affairs, and the Japanese geisha.

These three seemingly unrelated phenomena all collide when reviewing the multiple artistic endeavors that sprouted out of Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly (1904).

This paper charts some of the evidence for tourism amongst armies through history, mainly in the English speaking world, and demonstrates how troops have mixed tourist activity with the 'business' of soldiering.

The assertion is made that rather than suppress tourist interest military activity can be a catalyst for developing tourism.The paper is an exploratory synthesis of this relatively under-researched area focusing on tourist like behaviour amongst soldiers.It does not aim to provide a definitive analysis of this wide ranging topic and might in places speculate on the relationship between military activity and tourism.Butterfly on Broadway and then travel just a few blocks to the Metropolitan Opera to see Puccini’s masterpiece that started it all 113 years earlier.However, this original masterpiece has been scolded, by scholars and laymen alike, for perpetuating stereotypes of Asian women as weak, submissive, hyper-sexualized, and enchantingly exotic.more Nahoko Uehashi et Noriko Ogiwara « Le Cycle de Terremer et nous : la succession de la littérature de l’imaginaire », Akemi Tanigaki « Mme Le Guin à l’été de la Saint-Martin », Haluna Ikezawa « Les mots des dragons », Mari Kotani « Le poète voyant », Yoshio Nakano « De l’Elfland au Cycle de Terremer », Moto Hagio « L’éternelle Le Guin », Yumiko Shirai « Le Guin, la femme pionnière », Hajime Oowada « La Main gauche de la nuit, qui a bouleversé le monde », Hajime Yokota « L’absence de passages à Rer », Shitone Sakamaki « Dialogue spéculatif entre Le Guin et Donna Haraway », Satoko Kono « Sur les dépossédés », Ryu Itose « Autour des romans utopiques d’Ursula Le Guin », Masako Shimizu « Les promenades dans le Cycle de Terremer », Ritsuko Sambe « L’évolution du Cycle de Terremer », Mayako Teramura « L’ange sauvage », Hiroko Taniyama « Cœur de jeune fille dans les Tombeaux d’Atuan », Sayuri Ueda « À propos de la marche sur le chemin différent au même endroit », Noboru Yasuda « Un acteur Nô, lecteur du Cycle de Terremer », Marie Sato « Les noms, les ombres et les retours chez Le Guin », Yui Tanizaki « Le petit univers et la colère », Ai Nishida « Belle histoire fausse », Hikaru Fujii « Le Guin et l’époque de la créativité », Hanako Takayama « Romance », Yu Okubo « Le Guin, les dernières années », Masayuki Tsuda « Le Guin et la littérature mondiale », Kyoko Nakanishi « Le Guin et le rêve de la République des lettres », Yasuhiro Katsumata « Histoire infinissable de Lavinia », Dohjin Miyamoto « Les traductions japonaises d’Ursula Le Guin ».This essay develops a reading of Bùi Anh Tuấn’s Ian Fleming–inspired Specter over Red Square (Bóng Ma trên Công Trường Đỏ).Published during the war in Vietnam, the novel was one of the most successful examples of the new forms of mass...more This essay develops a reading of Bùi Anh Tuấn’s Ian Fleming–inspired Specter over Red Square (Bóng Ma trên Công Trường Đỏ).This wasn’t only a conflict between ideological clashes or...more Abstract The Vietnam War, which started on March 15, 1965 and ended as a twist of fate on March 15, 1973, was one of the bloodiest confrontations of recent Vietnamese history.


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