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Literary Research Paper Ideas-22
If it seems impossible to give a clear answer now, tell your readers what further research is needed, or what actions may help answer this question in the future.Another way to create an impressive conclusion is to ask your readers instead of providing them with answers.

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For example, you don’t need to write it when writing a literary research, because you unlikely will find any possible call to action in this case.

On the other hand, if your paper addresses some important social issues, the conclusion will only benefit from your thoughts about the possible use of your research and important needs in this area.

The conclusion is the last, yet not the easiest part of a research paper.

It must summarize the whole paper and explain its main purpose. Any conclusion consists of a few elements, so you can choose different approaches depending on your agenda and the paper type.

Provide a basic synthesis of everything stated before.

While rephrasing your topic and thesis statement, try to connect them logically so that your conclusion will sound like a coherent single thought rather than a bunch of random ideas.Make sure that this part of the conclusion is concise and clear.You have already explained why your arguments are important in a body part of your paper, and you also don’t need to support your ideas with new arguments. If so, you may want to know what a literary research paper actually is!Basically, it’s an interpretation of critics’ opinions on a particular work of literature.Sometimes your paper may contain many different or even opposite points.The conclusion is a perfect place to form a single clear opinion on your issue.Make sure to rewrite it, because it shouldn’t sound exactly like in the introduction. Don’t repeat your ideas in the exact same way as in the body.This time, you don’t need to support each statement. you need to address the importance of your points in a particular section of the conclusion.Both high school and college students are usually required to read something from British literature and write research papers on the related topics.Although there are plenty of topics to choose from, many students hesitate and have trouble choosing a good research idea.


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