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Using the following documents, analyze how the Ottoman government viewed ethnic and religious groups within its empire for the period 1876–1908.Identify an additional document and explain how it would help you analyze the views of the Ottoman Empire.

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If you wrote that the Proclamation of the Young Turks (document 7) was a movement away from ethnic and religious equality, that misinterpretation would be a major error.

If, instead, you wrote that the Ottoman Empire survived for decades after the Proclamation of the Young Turks in 1908, the statement would be wrong (the Ottoman Empire collapsed after World War I) but would not be a misinterpretation of the document.

When you get to the DBQ, read the prompt carefully. Review the instructions and expectations for what you should include in your response. Try to write quickly, but be mindful of legibility, spelling, and grammar. Check out our Academic Tutoring program to work with our top tutors, who study at top colleges and are intimately familiar with their subject areas.

Then read and review the documents with the question in mind, taking notes and making annotations as you go. Leave a few minutes of the 40 minutes you have allotted for writing to briefly review your essay for errors or anything else you might want to change. Check out the program Laura Berlinsky-Schine is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where she majored in Creative Writing and minored in History.

The readers award credit based on what the essays accomplish.

They do not remove points if an essay is off-task, written poorly, or wrong. In the DBQ, you must demonstrate that you understand the documents being used.If your essay makes more than one major misinterpretation, credit cannot be earned.A major misinterpretation is one that misses the basic intent of the document.A successful response addresses all aspects of the question (be careful here; you might want to make a list of all parts of the question so you remember to answer every component) and uses all (or all but one) of the documents.When using the documents as evidence, you must take into account the context and point of view of each document, paying attention to the person or persons who created it and what is being conveyed.If your AP teacher offers practice tests, take them seriously and prepare for them as you would any test that counts for a grade.Using practice prompts, create outlines that address every required portion of your answer; doing so will help you write your essay much more quickly and easily.The format of the exam and grading rubric is the same as those used for the AP US History and AP European History.The test was redesigned in 2016, and while the course content remains the same, older practice tests and materials no longer apply to the current version of the test.for information about where to find practice exams and how to use them.When you take practice tests, try to emulate the exam’s official timing and testing environment to replicate the conditions under which you will take the real test.


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