Life Was Simpler Without Technology Essay

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Thanks to Sabiha Mam for suggesting me the article. Thank you Obviously technology has changed the title of the world. In this world, almost everything is based on technology. We need to have clear ideas about It's effects.

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At first any one could probably say that he or she can imagine a world without technology.

Until they realize what technology really is and not just what they are used to calling technology, like phones, cameras, computers, or your air conditioner which is keeping you cool.

Our androids act as calculators, clocks, cameras, calendars and music players, whilst traditional forms such as the letter are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Similarly, our once regular trips to the high street are slowly being replaced by the wonders of online shopping, whilst the Kindle, for example, has become a popular alternative to the book.

Technology is a much needed thing of the present and future generations.

It is so much important that almost everyone think that technology is life.Writing in light of the recent release of the iphone 6, it is hard to imagine that our parents would have been considered lucky to have a fully functioning television just forty years ago.Nowadays, to the increasing detriment of traditional forms of communication, we rely on our phones for everything.But there are some bad effects of it as we know that everything has good sides and bad sides.We need to take the good things that it is giving to us and throw the bad things that it is giving to us. We are leading a much happier life than our past generation because of technology.These can make our life more meaningful and we can enjoy ourselves.But still have to say that, importance of technologies are immense.On the other hand, television and radio play an undeniable role in many purposes. Moreover,we can get weather forecast and prepare ourselves for natural disasters. Furthermore,television and radio also acts as a good medium of entertainment. Technology has made our life easy & enjoyable but nowadays many people are addicted to social medias.Like this ,many technologies are coming to our succour and helping us to lead a beautiful life. But It help us to do almost everything like searching, surfing on websites and gaining information of almost everything. No doubt it's a blessing in this modern age but many people are using it too much and losing their emotions, affections, cooperation and many good qualities.Whilst I myself viewed my recent disconnection from social media negatively at first, I have to admit that I increasingly began to feel an underlying sense of relief.I was finally being forced to enjoy my own company and, dare I say it, there was something intrinsically nice about being alone.


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