Levels Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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The preceptor-trainee relationship isn’t based on power, it should be based education and trust.

With using the five levels of initiation, you are developing and not merely telling a trainee what to do.

But nurses have just as much a role in keeping people healthy and safe, and often have more contact with patients overall. The answer is simple - critical thinking helps nurses do their job - and do it well.

You want the nurses taking care of your loved one to be sharp, on top of things, and ready to deal with any situation. Critical thinking can be defined as a process to help you think and act in way that actively engages your mind through thoughtful analysis by using your observations and experiences.

Because once they are off training, they won’t have a crutch (you) and will spiral-down and become indecisive. This critical thinking strategy will assist you in this process.

This lesson will explain how critical thinking is useful in the nursing profession.It is an excellent article that breaks down five levels of initiation. With proper education and training, a four-month graduate nurse shouldn’t be waiting for instruction.This same concept can be applied to critical thinking. The goal is to nourish independent thinking and assist your trainee is building their critical thinking skills.Experienced nurses often complain about new nurses lacking critical thinking skills.But as an observer, I’ve noticed many flaws in how some graduate nurses are being trained.She puts this information together with the patient's medical history and starts to suspect renewed drug abuse.Once the problem is recognized, the nurse must question whether or not the safety concern is valid.In this example, you will see how critical thinking helps the nurse interpret what is now happening for the patient, thus getting the patient necessary help.First, the nurse must recognize that there is a problem; this is to say that something appears to be problematic.The third action that the nurse must take is information gathering, looking for factual evidence that supports the issue or problem that you have recognized and questioned.The nurse talks to the patient about what is going on.


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