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It may be obtained by contacting the Nebraska Department of Revenue or any County Treasurer.) The buyer's name, address and signature must appear in the purchaser's section of the title. If the seller has signed off on a title and the purchaser's information is not completed the title is considered open.

An “Open Title” is a violation of the law and will be confiscated by the County Official, the DMV or law enforcement.

When a lienholder is in possession of the out-of-state title to a vehicle for which title is sought in New Hampshire and where the ownership is unchanged, a New Hampshire title application shall be prepared by the City's Municipal Office or by the financial institution if there is a New Hampshire-based location, which shall be submitted to the City's Municipal Office.

Bringing in your purchase and sales agreement, current registration, current mileage, proof of residence and current ID will be required to start the titling process.

Note: When transferring ownership, husband and wife cannot sign as agent for the other.

With most Nebraska Certificates of Title, the Seller, Purchaser and Odometer sections will appear in the lower half on the face of the title.

If the vehicle is registered in the name of a business, a Letter of Authorization must be on file.

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) must be submitted by a company to the County of Maui Division of Motor Vehicles & Licensing in order to process specified motor vehicle transactions.

On some older Certificates of Title, these sections will appear on the back.

Make sure that you read the title carefully before making any marks.


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