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He divides the community into two groups: integrationists and liberationists. On the other hand, the liberationists cherish their gay culture with their own customs and values.The controversy is caused because of these two different philosophical views. The integrationists want gay marriage and the liberationists object to same sex marriage. s belief is to consider the objections of the liberationists. and thereby further confine both straights and gays.?

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Civil organizations are working to provide similar marriage status in these 28 states like the other 3 states.

Among the other nations working towards legalizing same-sex marriages – Slovenia, Australia and Columbia are the only nationals which are amidst the process of enacting national laws to legalise gay couple marriages.

it's time to allow gay and lesbian citizens their rights too, and sanction their right to be married if they choose to do so.

"America's Changing Attitudes toward Homosexuality, Civil Unions, and Same- Gender Marriage: 1977-2004." Social Work.

Are television networks giving fair representation to gay marriage and gay rights? 8, Allows Gay Marriage in California." Los Angeles Gay Marriage A Discussion about the Relevant Factors that Affect Same-Sex Partners in the Modern World Gay marriage, or same-sex marriage, is one of the most controversial topics in the modern age.

A scholarly, empirically researched article in the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media points out that while network television stories do discuss the issue of homosexuality and gay marriage, gays and lesbians are "…rarely given the opportunity to offer their own perspectives" (Moscowitz, 2010, p. The research in this article involved using 93 stories taped from network TV that represented the gay marriage issue. It can be a divisive topic because many people feel strongly about the issue from both sides.Hence, the author's argument is that just because some people in society see same-sex marriage as immoral, doesn't mean that it should be banned because it does not create an "unacceptable risk of harm to others." Just because "homosexual conduct is (allegedly) immoral or because it would (allegedly) place a stamp of approval on homosexuality" is no reason to ban it. As of the time of this writing nine states have legalized gay marriage, and 31 states have constitutional amendments which ban gay marriage to some extent -- a fact alone However, society's consciousness matured and grew in understanding of what a loving community is, and came to realize that to exclude other human beings based on prejudice is not God's love, but rather fear and ignorance (Conan).Conclusion As Rajczi has asserted, if opposite-sex marriage is allowed, then marriage between same-sex partners should be allowed as well, since allowing same-sex marriage harms no one. From the late 90s onwards, different states have passed verdicts favouring same-sex marriages and the view on such marriages was turning positive.During June 2015, the Supreme Court had passed a landmark judgement legalizing the same-sex marriages in the United States.Apart from the above research, other local researches also have shown that married gay couples are happier, more accepted and more productive thereby.More nations are expected to follow suit and legalise the marital status of same sex marriages.There were 38 stories gleaned from ABC; 29 from NBC, and 26 from CBS. "America's Changing Attitudes toward Homosexuality, Civil Unions, and Same- Gender Marriage: 1977-2004." Social Work. Many argue that any form of partnership should have equal rights as the traditional marriages do and cite legal arguments and make reference Gay Marriage The issue of gay marriage is a very hot topic in today's world of current events.The video was obtained from the Vanderbilt Television News Archive. "10 Really Bad Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage." Many have attributed this quest of equality as a civil rights issue that compares to many of the civil rights battles fought in our history.A similar situation is prevailing in Columbia, where the law is yet to be passed declaring the legality of same sex marriages.The national courts are exerting pressure on the government to enact such law as soon as possible.


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